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Aguahara Ibiza Summer Training

I am assisting my beautiful teachers Sandra Morrell & Martin Minghetti, doing it for the second time - I can highly recommend it!


This year Aguahara Course in Ibiza will befrom the 1 to the 17 of August. For the 6th time we will create a community in this magic island to dive deep into the aquatic realms.

It will be an special intensive course of 2 or 3 levels depending in the hours in the water and previous experience, and it will be develo-ped in the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Intention is to create a Community for the time of the course, living all the process together, in and out of the water. This allows us to not just learn the technique behind this work, but also experience into the depth the potential of Aguahara.

The course will be manly in English and Spanish.

Aguahara is not just a technique but a dance between giver and receiver within the water. Crea-ting a space of trust without judgment or expectations, simply being in a flow of intuition in that every moment. Each participant will become familiar with the element water, to move and be moved by it, to feel the flow and learn to move a person in the water and playing, investigating and discovering the freedom and potential of movements that can be created without gravity. When one surrenders and trusts, also the mind relaxes and meditative states of consciousness can be achieved as well as physical, emotional and mental blockages can be solved and pro-cessed.

In this course we will learn and develop the basics of working in the sacred healing element of water. The course is based on a lot of practice, so we will be every day for a few hours in the water, learning how to move and being moved in the connection of giver and receiver. There will also be a theoretical part in form of lectures and parts of the teaching are outside of the water.

This is an intensive course, which at least requires 5-6h dedication a day. If you need to work and you have to leave a special time, please request us if it is possible to take the course

If you already practice Aquatic Bodywork, you may be able to join later in the course (please request). Everybody with no water practice needs to start from the first week.


1st level “Basic Treatment”

→ Learn how to give a full session on the surface of the water; opening and relaxing of the body, floating and stretches

1st+2nd level “Into the deep”

→ Learn the Basic Treatment as well as the first underwater moves and the body / mind con-nection

3 level “Free Flow”

→ Full Aguahara apprenticeship with a deep immersion into the dance of energy’s

Earlybird Price until 30th June

The amount of students is limited, so if you are interested, apply early.

For more information and inscriptions:

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